Coca Cola – End Slate

Back CHECK WORK Client: Coca Cola Breif: we created Hyper Realistic 3D bottle renders and animation for the end slate which ran on multiple campaigns https://videos.files.wordpress.com/QbbJtLHq/coca-cola-eyes-closed-05-secs.mp4

Palace Restaurant – Re/Branding

Back CHECK WORK Client: Palace Restaurant Berlin Breif: we successfully executed a full rebranding for our client, transforming their brand identity. This involved a captivating photoshoot and meticulous food styling, ensuring visually stunning representations of their culinary offerings. Alongside the rebranding, we designed and developed a new website that provided a seamless user experience. To […]

Snickers – Hologram

  Back CHECK WORK Client: Snickers Breif: Leveraging our expertise in holographic technology, we designed and developed mesmerizing visual experiences that left a lasting impression on viewers. These holograms provided our client with a unique and innovative way to engage their audience, creating memorable and immersive interactions that set them apart in their industry.

Detox Parlor – Video Promo

Back CHECK WORK Client: Detox Parlor Breif: We create a compelling video promo that effectively communicated their detox program. Through engaging visuals and clear explanations, we crafted a captivating video that guided viewers through the detox program step-by-step. Our expertise in video production and storytelling allowed us to deliver an informative and visually appealing promotional […]

Detox Parlor – Visual Campaigns

Back CHECK WORK Client: Detox Parlor Breif: We provided specialised services in food styling, capturing the essence of their culinary offerings. Through a meticulous photoshoot, we artfully showcased their dishes, elevating their visual appeal and enticing customers. With our expertise in visual direction, we guided the overall look and feel, ensuring the brand’s unique identity […]

Peacock Beauty Berlin

Back CHECK WORK Client: Peacock Beauty BErlin Breif: We successfully rebranded all social media accounts for our client, giving their online presence a fresh and captivating identity. To drive sales, we initiated a beauty Influencer collaboration program, strategically partnering with influential figures to amplify brand reach and boost conversions. By creating and implementing a comprehensive […]

Meie Tv Berlin

Back CHECK WORK Client: Meie tv berlin Breif: We successfully rebranded all their social media accounts, giving their online presence a fresh and engaging look. We devised and executed a comprehensive marketing strategy, effectively reaching new demographics and expanding their audience. Additionally, we successfully launched and managed their TikTok account, leveraging the platform’s popularity to […]

Bouba – Masterclass

Back CHECK WORK Client: Bouba Breif: We directed and produced 2 full Masterclasses and created a secure web platform for immersive streaming. Collaborating with sponsors, we developed comprehensive strategies and implemented an online masterclass platform. Our team managed communication, curated engaging content, and executed a successful promotional campaign to maximize reach. WEB PLATFORM REEL PROMOS […]

Marzook – 3D Campaign

Back CHECK WORK Client: Marzook Breif: We provided exceptional services for Marzook on their Celestial Collection, starting with the remodeling of purses in hyper-realistic 3D, delivering a visually striking representation of the Celestial Collection. Additionally, we created captivating animated promos for the collection’s launch, incorporating engaging posts and stories to maximize audience impact and drive […]

World Vision – Infographic Animation

Back CHECK WORK Client: World Vision Breif: We were entrusted with the creation of an animation for a World Vision initiative, where we took charge of directing and animating the informational video. Our team skillfully brought the project to life, effectively conveying the key messages and objectives of the initiative through engaging visuals and storytelling. […]