Vegan Haus – Photoshoot

Back CHECK WORK Client: Vegan Haus Breif: We provided food styling and conducted a captivating photoshoot. Our expertise in food styling allowed us to artfully present their culinary offerings, enhancing their visual appeal. Through the photoshoot, we captured the essence of their dishes, creating visually stunning images that showcased their delicious creations and left a […]

Palace Restaurant – Re/Branding

Back CHECK WORK Client: Palace Restaurant Berlin Breif: we successfully executed a full rebranding for our client, transforming their brand identity. This involved a captivating photoshoot and meticulous food styling, ensuring visually stunning representations of their culinary offerings. Alongside the rebranding, we designed and developed a new website that provided a seamless user experience. To […]

Detox Parlor – Visual Campaigns

Back CHECK WORK Client: Detox Parlor Breif: We provided specialised services in food styling, capturing the essence of their culinary offerings. Through a meticulous photoshoot, we artfully showcased their dishes, elevating their visual appeal and enticing customers. With our expertise in visual direction, we guided the overall look and feel, ensuring the brand’s unique identity […]

Marzook – Photoshoot

Back CHECK WORK Client: Marzook Breif: For the Celestial Collection we did a captivating photoshoot, also live model stop motion product display loops for the website, resulting in a visually immersive experience that brought the collection to life.