Coca Cola – End Slate

Back CHECK WORK Client: Coca Cola Breif: we created Hyper Realistic 3D bottle renders and animation for the end slate which ran on multiple campaigns https://videos.files.wordpress.com/QbbJtLHq/coca-cola-eyes-closed-05-secs.mp4

Marzook – 3D Campaign

Back CHECK WORK Client: Marzook Breif: We provided exceptional services for Marzook on their Celestial Collection, starting with the remodeling of purses in hyper-realistic 3D, delivering a visually striking representation of the Celestial Collection. Additionally, we created captivating animated promos for the collection’s launch, incorporating engaging posts and stories to maximize audience impact and drive […]

Coca Cola – Ribbon

Back CHECK WORK Client: Coca Cola Breif: We produced hyper-realistic 3D bottle renders and animations for the end slate of Coca-Cola’s multiple campaigns. These visually stunning assets added depth and impact to the campaigns, capturing the essence of the brand and captivating audiences.https://videos.files.wordpress.com/7FGE7ER6/n-167_cocacola_ribbon_4-sec.mp4